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Phyto Plankton Extract

Also known by its trade name Bioplasma® BG, manufactured by specialist BiotechMarine, now part of the French based SEPPIC group..  Bioplasma® BG is extracted from the exclusive Scenedesmus phyto plankton. This unique species of micro algae is sourced in the African Sahel desert where it is exposed to extreme environmental stresses, such as heat and irradiation.

Bioplasma® BG helps moisturize the skin (by increasing bound water retention and reducing Trans Epidermal Water Loss) while providing exceptional environmental protection and reducing the visible signs of aging.

Royal Siam Use of Phyto Plankton Extract

Royal Siam uses Phyto Plankton Extract in Day & Night Anti Aging Moisturizer

Phyto Plankton extract natural skin care

Phyto plankton extract is a powerful natural skin care ingredient

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