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Malus Domestica Fruit Extract

This ingredient is also known by its trade name PhytoESC or PhytoCellTech produced by Swiss biotechnology company Mibelle Biotechnology,  or more generally as Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract.

Malus Domestica Fruit Extract is an extract from the stem cells of Swiss apples and is one of the most powerful, clinically proven new natural anti aging skin care ingredients.

Malus Domestica Fruit Extract helps stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the skin, to slow the degeneration of skin cells, and to actively stimulate new skin cell production. A powerful antioxidant and with high levels of Vitamin C, Malus Domestica Fruit Extract has been shown to result in healthier, more youthful looking skin with reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

Royal Siam Use of Malus Domestica Fruit Extract

Royal Siam uses Malus Domestica Fruit Extract as a key natural ingredient in Overnight Anti Aging Mask

Royal Siam Overnight Anto Aging Mask container
Malus Domestica Swiss Apple Stem Cell extract

Malus Domestica Fruit Extract or Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract is a powerful natural skin care ingredient clinically proven to restore a more youthful appearance to skin

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