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Jojoba Seed Oil Extract

Also known by its botanical name Simmondsia Chinensis, Jojoba Oil is a liquid wax with properties similar to the skin’s own natural sebum.

It has powerful moisturizing properties and also soothes, brightens and protects the skin. Jojoba Oil is easily absorbed and does not cause irritation.

It contains many important nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. It assists with eliminating impurities in skin pores, helps the skin to retain moisture, and does not leave a greasy feel.

Royal Siam Use of Jojoba Seed Oil Extract

Royal Siam uses Jojoba Seed Oil Extract in Deep Cleansing Skin Milk

Deep Cleansing Skin Milk Cotainer
Jojoba oil extract natural skin care

Jojoba Seed Oil Extract is a popular, proven and safe natural skin care ingredient

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