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Extracted from the Bearberry plant, this natural melasma treatment ingredient is yet another tyrosinase inhibitor similar to Kojic Acid and Licorice Root Extract, which inhibits the production of melanin helping to reduce the appearance of melisma and other pigmentation irregularities and prevent them from recurring.

Arbutin’s active component is released more slowly than other ingredients for the treatment of melisma and hyper-pigmentation, resulting in the product being more effective over a longer period. In addition, the naturally occurring UV protection properties of the Bearberry plant can reduce the degree of skin darkening after sun exposure.

Royal Siam Use of Arbutin

Royal Siam uses Arbutin as a natural ingredient in Miracle Melasma Serum

Royal Siam Miracle Melasma Serum
Arbutin extracted from Bearberry

Arbutin is a natural skin care ingredient extracted from the Bearberry plant

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