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Thai Honey Natural Facial Cleanser | 100% Authentic | atural facial cleanser

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Thai Honey Natural Facial Cleanser | 100% natural active Natural facial cleanseringredients

natural facial cleanser with honeyRoyal Siam’s Thai Honey Cleanser is a 100% natural facial cleanser made in a manner totally faithful to the Thai Traditional Medicine formula and procedures, consisting of nothing but natural active ingredients extracted by time-honoured methods to maintain strength and purity. The best facial cleansers contain no artificial substances of any kind and yet can be highly effective as well as gentle to use.

This is a unique product based on Thai honey – one of nature’s purest antiseptic and healing compounds – along with extracts of the miracle plants turmeric and kariyat, with the freshness of mint and a secret blend of Thai herbs. It’s an effective facial cleanser, and it feels refreshing to use.

The Thai honey cleanser acts thoroughly, ridding the skin of bacteria and dirt; melting the natural secretions often blocking pores and allowing them to be purified with gentle but powerful antibacterial action.

No soaps or detergents

Unlike regular cleansers, the Natural Thai Honey Cleanser smoothens and moisturizes the skin at the honey in all natural face productssame time as its antibacterial properties make short work of any bacterial concentrations, as a result becoming one of the best all natural face products on the market.

It’s ideal as a face wash for acne/blackheads, and is an equally ideal natural cleanser for oily skin of for those with sensitivities, allergies, or skin conditions.

Hand made under the supervision of accredited Thai Traditional Medicine practitioners using natural ingredients, some variation between batches is to be expected and is a sign of authenticity.

IngredientThai Traditional Medicine practitioners

Zoharteric D-2honeyturmeric extract, kariyat (andrographis paniculata) extract, thai herbal extracts


Apply twice daily in the morning and evening. Wet the face with cold water, place a small amount of the cleanser on your hands and gently massage into the face and neck for 30 seconds. Leave for a further 30 seconds and then rinse thoroughly with water.

3 month money back guarantee
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