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Thai Herbal Natural Facial Toner | Cucumber Toner

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Natural Facial Toner | All natural face products | Cucumber100% natural facial toner Toner | Thai Herbal Facial Toner Toner

Cucumber extract, mulberry extract, witch hazel, frankincense. Gentle yet powerful 100% natural facial toner

A mild and skin-friendly gentle facial toner consisting of 100% natural ingredients extracted by traditional methods that keep the ingredients from damage or dilution, cucumbers toner - an all natural face productand faithful to the Thai Traditional Medicine formula and processing techniques.

Not simply a plain cucumber toner

A perfect complement to Royal Siam’s all natural face products range, this product is amazingly effective and yet very simple.  The Toner is based on virgin cold pressed cucumber extract, the precious and mystical frankincense, pure natural ingredients of witch hazel and mulberry extracts. Nothing else.

After washing the face, the toner rids the skin of residues whilst keeping it moisturized, resulting in smoother skin and tightened facial pores. And of course highly effective at what is unique to facial natural facial toner an important step in the beauty routinetoners, and that is to restore the skin’s natural pH balance.

Daily use will keep skin looking fresh, lively and youthful, helping to heal blemishes and  imperfections such as acne scars.

Why is ‘cold pressed’ an important term when referring to cucumber toner?

It is possible to use a number of different methods in the process of extracting ingredients from natural sources – from olives to herbs to cucumbers.

With the focus on cost efficiency, meaning extracting as much as possible from the raw material, it is common for the material to be heated – this makes extraction both easier and faster, and it releases the grestest quantity of extracted material – this is ‘hot pressed’. Often in conjunction with heat, modern equipment is used such as a centrifuge, mechanical crushing and stamping of the raw material, or the application of high pressure/vacuum techniques to suck every last drop of extract from the material.Natural

In yet other cases, chemicals are applied to the raw material to make it easier to extract the ingredients, and then at a later stage the chemicals are separated from the ingredients in a number of ways.

But all of these techniques carry risks or are the subject of criticism from parts of the scientific organiccommunity. It’s believed by many that heat damages natural ingredients and lowers the potency and effectiveness of ingredients. Some people believe that the use of modern equipment to squeeze every possible drop of extract actually introduces unwelcome additional compounds or may damage the extract, and less agressive approaches are preferable. And there is a widespread belief that the use of chemicals to assist the process could expose the end user to unknown contamination or side effects.

Cold pressing, on the other hand, does not use heat and endanger the ingredients in that way – and hand natural facial tonerextraction means that power equipment is not used and neither are chemicals or solvents employed. It’s the traditional way – but not as cost effective – however this is where manuifacturers make the choice between cost and quality.

An excellent example of how this process works in practice is in the olive oil industry. Lower cost, mass market olive oils are typically extracted using heat and other techniques – but it’s well known that the very best – and also most expensive – olive oils are extracted using cold pressing techniques.

Effective natural face cleanser, acne treatment, oily skin treatment and more

The Toner is particularly effective as a deep cleanser and to treat stubborn blackheads. It will smooth the skin, help reduce areas of hyperpigmentation, and help eliminate toxins and synthetic chemical residues that accumulate on the face from exposure to the environment.

Hand made under the supervision of accredited Thai Traditional Medicine Practitioners using natural cucumber toner removes excess oilingredients, some variation between batches is to be expected and is a sign of authenticity.


Cold Pressed Cucumber extract

Frankincense (genuine product sourced from Oman in the Persian Gulf)

Cold Pressed Mulberry Extract

Witch Hazel


Use once or twice daily by moistening a cotton wool pad then wiping the skin surface to cleanse. Use cold

3 month money back guarantee
100% natural facial toner
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