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Royal Jelly and Apple Stem Cell Extract Facial Cleansing Bar | all natural face products

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wrinkles around eyes

Queen Bee Premium Facial Cleansing Bartop rated natural facial cleanser

Swiss Apple Stem Cell extract | Royal Jelly extract | All natural face products

all natural face productsSuitable for all skin types, this ultra-premium pure facial cleansing bar meeting the demands of the most discerning who accept nothing less than perfection.

Rich lather, gentle action, the finest natural facial cleanser

Gentle, pH-neutral to the skin, richly lathering without harsh or strong chemicals that may damage the skin, only the purest quality ingredients are used including the nutritious and replenishing Royal Jelly and the amazing regenerative properties of Swiss Apple Stem Cell Extract, PhytoCellTec(TM) .

One of the finest cleansers for oily skin and we believe the best face wash for men and women available natural facial cleanseron the market.

The lather produced by the Royal Reserve Facial Cleansing Bar is not simply low irritation and packed with ingredients you skin will love, but it produces astonishingly fine micro-bubbles, which carry dirt, toxins and dead skin cells away from the skin surface without the need for abrasion or hard rubbing.

Remove stains, regularise pigmentation, and promote cellular regeneration

natural facial cleanser with aloe veraThe Cleansing Bar has particularly powerful properties in neutralizing and over time removing stains, irregular pigmentation, residual effects of acne and blemishes. That, coupled with its properties in assisting skin cells to regenerate, helps make the skin smooth, reducing rough and irregular areas, wrinkles, and discoloration.


PhytoCellTec Swiss apple stem cell extract

Royal Jelly extractbest natural ingredients including Swiss apple stem cell extract


Jojoba extract

Aloe Vera extract

3 month money back guarantee
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